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Misadventure at Sea - South China Sea

China now claims  ‘indisputable sovereignty’ over the entire South China Sea, or almost 90% of it. As per international maritime laws , a country can claim a maximum of 12 nautical miles of Sea from its shores as its own territorial waters. The sea way is used for transportation of critical resources by many nations, including China & America.

Please read on: Misadventure at sea – South China Sea

India China Border

India China Border - McMahon Line & the war on the Himalayas

If McMahon line is not accepted by China as final boundary at the India China Border, then both sides of the line i.e. Arunachal Pradesh of India & Tibet in China becomes disputed. China says Arunachal Pradesh is disputed but Tibet is China’s. – The Saying ” What is mine is mine, what is others is disputed” …..
Not that China direly needs some land from India. They have a far bigger landmass than India. 

India China Border – McMahon Line

Weapons of Mass Destruction

Any remembrance of where we heard this term in recent years ?

In Iraq it was a stock of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) that was never found, that was the reason for the 2nd US Iraq war. One would believe all Nuclear weapons qualify as WMD’s and a lot many nations have them today.

What is a WMD ? Any weapon that can cause mass destruction, nuclear or chemical or biological or anything. Particularly those that also cause damage to the environment.

Stay tunes for a new article on this, coming week !

Trump Cancels North Korea Summit, then attends it.

Not many days ago some were suggesting that US President Donald Trump should get a Nobel Prize for Peace. But was the talking rightly done, in the lead up to a critical meeting like this. If North Korea had agreed to Dialogue what was the issue.  And they finally attended.

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US attempts to force India to cut Defence contracts with Russia

As is beautifully written in this Article by Writer & Geostrategist, Brahma Chellaney, America is attempting to extend its jurisdiction beyond its borders by imposing unilateral sanctions on other sovereign nations, that clearly violate UN Laws. Its a must read for Geopolitics enthusiasts.

US announces India will be exempt from Iran oil sanctions

New York, (IANS) US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on November 5 that Washington was exempting India from the sanctions on importing oil from Iran. ..... SOURCE: India Tribune. 6 October 2018

And this is the news today !  Geo-strategist Brahma Chellaney had forecasted  so rightly ( in the Article link above ), about this development.

Refugees & Undocumented Migrants

When a nation or its leaders speak about treating refugees with an iron hand or effectively closing the doors to asylum seekers, its important to look out for the causes of such refugee crisis (more than 5 million displaced from Syria alone). The Syrian refugee crisis happened at a time when there were bombings done in the name of liberating their country from an allegedly bad dictator. Very similar for Libya. 

So whether or not their dictators/leaders were bad, its obvious they would never be bombing their own nation. 

So who did such incredible damage ? 

” For no one was born a refugee or a land owner. Their circumstances &  Mother Nature gave them all they have “

– Writer, WorldAfar.com

When the Koreas Meet.

The world hopes they make peace , if not with America then without.

Source: Video from AP. Above picture from RT.

Korea: What’s Trump Got to Do With It?

So what’s the issue between them that they are looking for peace. While North Korea has been holding their own reins for long , they believe south has not. Its true that South Korea has American military bases on their soil. The North views it as foreign intrusion on its closest vicinity.
North Korea isn’t wrong cause if Russia had installed military infrastructure in the direct neighbourhood of US, say Mexico, imagine what would have been the reaction.

Korea: What’s Trump Got to Do With It?

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