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North Korea relations

Not many days ago some were suggesting that US President Donald Trump should get a Nobel Prize for Peace. But was the talking rightly done, in the lead up to a critical meeting like this. If North Korea had agreed to Dialogue what was the issue.

Not very far back in time, when the former US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had initiated efforts for dialogue with North Korea, Trump had publicly berated his efforts as useless. He instead said that only one thing works for North Korea, suggesting the use of military force, through war. His words remained belligerent throughout, but alas he failed to act out his threat of war. He discovered his own land was within the hit range of North Korea, so it would not have been a one sided war, as in Syria.

And now when Tillerson is gone, and North agreed to dialogue, should anyone have reasonably believed that Trump is the icon of peace. Or that he is capable of steering a peace process to success. The 1st warning from Kim Jung Un came when the US president started falsely propagating that North Korea had agreed for dialogue due to his pressure tactics. By then the world had already seem how North had deterred a war that Trump promised even at the UN.

As the world can see now, talks of denuclearizing Korea have been pushed to the side lines. This proves that North Korea might never have assured of 100% disarming as their weapons, nuclear & non nuclear, are a deterrent to war that was promised by Trump in his public statements.  And not to forget, the Korea’s are a sovereign nation.

 Refer to below link from NYPost, whick indicated 1st sign of trouble in the planned Singapore Dialogue:


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