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Our Mission

To create a platform for world news reports and articles aggregated from varied regions with divergent views. We hope reading both sides of the story would better serve curiosity and neutral observation.


Its Happy Monsoon, in the Indian subcontinent. 

Let me take a moment to introduce you to my wonder of a friend, my dear pet BAT. She is someone who taught me to stay creative in good times and bad.

A blessing in the garden of life !

This is the largest Presidential Estate in the world. The office & residence of the President of India, the largest democracy in the world.

I am a citizen and a resident of India, a nation known for its non-alliance to power blocks led by any other powerful nation. India was a founding member of the Non Allied Movement (NAM). India officially supports a multi polar world. A world which has a fair power distribution as against a unipolar world structure that leads to concentration of power in the hands of one nation, or group. 

Monopolies invariably lead to corruption. In the absence of competitors or challengers, they tend to take advantage of their ‘one & only’ status. As the saying goes – “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

Being in India has allowed me to have an independent perspective of world affairs. I am thankful to my country for being a force of independence and peace on the world stage.

About Me

I have always been passionate about studying the geopolitical landscapes of nations and the forces that drive them to be who they are. Sensing the undercurrents, what they could bring for the future, is something that effects mankind at large.

I have myself been away from my homeland for a major part of my childhood, hence studying nations and cultures has been a part of my life. I firmly hold that Individual freedom and national sovereignty are the cornerstones of a progressive nation.

"All the World's a stage, and all men & women merely players.”

William Shakespeare

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